Austin Pool


Austin Pool is a rock pool fed by a mountain stream at the edge of Taman Suria, a residential estate near the foothills of Bukit Larut. Smaller than the Burmese Pool, but secluded and cleaner, few visitors know of its existence. Drowning cases have also caused locals to associate it with bad luck, but those that dare brave superstitious taboo are rewarded with a pristine river spot and beautiful cascading rock falls - just as long as you beware the waterfall undercurrents.

How to Go: Being relatively unknown, it can be a little tricky to locate. Follow Jalan Lumba Kuda from town and turn left at the signboard to Taman Suria. Visitors can also take left at the cross junction next to Bukit Larut's entrance, follow it, then turn right to Taman Suria, past the large college (Maktab). Within the housing area, ask around for directions or skirt the jungle edges until you see a clearing with a stream; the 7-minute trail starts here.